Be Creative & Confident in Your Fiber Business

Join our campus to learn to how to show off your brand story, style, and voice as a creative

Have you been dreaming of a business that expresses who you are, what your art is all about, and earns you the coins? Have you been dreaming of connecting with your customers and creating a loyal community that makes them yours for life?

Do you look at major industry yarn dyers, designers, magazines, and Etsy shops with fiber envy, dreaming of the day when your small biz turns into their big success?

Time to stop dreaming and start being a FiberBOSS.

Fiber dreamers create and share their work without a plan, hoping ideal customers will stumble upon them and fall in love with their art.

FiberBOSSES create and share their work with intention—in a way that magnetizes their community through their story, their creative visual style, and their authentic connection. 

Building this type of brand takes hustle! But that doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of creativity, smarts and fun.

FiberBoss College teaches you the strategy behind the big fiber brands so that people will remember, be inspired, and connect with your brand for life!

And we do this all without bogging you down in linear business structure. This program will immerse you in a creative experience that feeds your artistic soul as it teaches you to develop a brand that is aligned with YOUR unique story and aesthetic, so you won’t just create customers, you’ll create stark raving fans.

Do you dream of running a creative AND successful fiber business? It’s time to wake up, step out, and SHINE!

You want to create, make some money, & have a voice in the fiber community. I get it. I did too.

You have a talent. You love to express your creativity through design, color, texture, etc. You want to be a part of an industry that values connection, kindness, and love. But at the same time, you want to make money to keep doing what you love.

Yet, you’re tired…

You’re tired of creating and creating and no one buys from you. No one even seems to see your work amongst the sea of color, and designs and fiber noise. You ask yourself, why doesn’t anyone notice me? Why can’t I catch a break? Why is it so hard to grow a following on social media? Why can’t I get anyone to notice me?

Then you start to worry…

Is it me? Is it my style? Did I say something wrong? Is my work not good enough? What more can I do? Should I do more things like her? She’s an overnight success… Why can’t I be more like her? I need to start doing what she’s doing… But then it doesn’t fit.

You feel confused, deflated, anxious, overwhelmed… the list goes on and on and on. 

Until… you just freeze. You know the shoulds, you know the shouldn’ts. You are confused what to say, what to share. So you just freeze. Waiting… waiting to catch a break… OR EVEN JUST WAITING TO BEGIN. TO START YOUR JOURNEY… but how long have you really been waiting?

I think its been too long… It’s time to start shining my love!

That’s why I founded FiberBoss™ College and the campus is ready for you.

Shake the worry and find creative freedom and confidence in your fiber business starting today

You don’t need to wait till a year from now or 5 years from now to decide to start. You don’t need to wait till it’s perfect to decide to share. You don’t need to keep taking course after course that only teaches you one little thing in your business and then ending up with 20 courses that your have to piece together to make the perfect business… It’s not necessary… and quite frankly it’s a waste of time and money. And between you and me I HATE wasting my time and money. (I’d rather be with my family and buying yarn… hehe)

What if I told you that there is a different way. A more approachable and achievable way that won’t leave your defeated before you even begin? Imagine a way to learn on your own terms with a community to support and collaborate with you. Imagine taking small, easy, actionable steps towards your business everyday that creates momentum in your business. Imagine a safe place that you not only learn inside of BUT actually get into action building your fiber business without worry, anxiety, and overwhelm.


“As a yarn dyer, I have always struggled to show the true beauty of my yarn in photos. I am great at making yarn colourways, but I’m definitely not a photographer! (not through lack of tryng, believe me). My photos were always a little lacking and I felt that they didn’t have the impact that I wanted. My customers often told me things like “Your yarn is so much more beautiful in real life than in photos”. I initially didn’t pay enough attention to this and loved these sweet compliments but then I realized something… If this is what my valued customers are saying, I need to listen to them! How many people saw my photos and didn’t take the leap of faith that these very special people did? How many sales have I missed out on because of my lack luster photography? Well… I just learned the answer to this. After applying the Advice that Chelsea gave me, I took some amazing photos that I was truly happy with. And you know what? My turnover instantly DOUBLED. Yes, you heard right. DOUBLED. I made double the amount I usually would in one shop update by simply improving my photography. My yarn has always been beautiful, but now everyone can see that! Presentation is everything. It’s essentially effective communication. You know the saying “A picture says a thousand words”?. This is true, But what words are you saying with your picture?”

– Claire Probst, @WeLoveKnitting

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You have an AMAZING and UNIQUE story and style that needs to be shared a with your customers. By doing so you will not only shine in your creativity and art, but you will truly inspire others to join you in your creative world! Now is the time to dig out that story and solidify your style to finally show off who you are and what your art is about!


Having a beautiful, eye-catching, and inspiring visual presence is just one part of the formula, it isn’t everything… (And I’m a graphic artist saying this…) To become a TRUE FiberBOSS, you need to CONNECT with your customers on a deeper level. Think about a community that truly understands your mission and trusts you to understand its every fiber need and whim… When that happens art is truly created. NOW is the time to inspire and connect with your customers!

FiberBoss™ College IS: 

  • An online community and space to get training every in the 3 main areas of marketing your business
  • An actionable program that keeps you in momentum while allowing for creative freedom and space
  • A way to connect with other students and create lasting connections that lead to business changing collaborations
  • A space for those who want to stop being a hobbyist who makes some money, and turn into a brand that is seen, noticed, and respected and inspiring to other creatives.
  • Not only for business and marketing how to’s but a place to learn mindset and confidence-building skills that prepare you to truly succeed in the fiber industry.
  • A way to find clarity, creativity, and confidence in  building your business

FiberBoss™ College is NOT: 

  • A simple course you take and then let all the information linger and sit in a dropbox account to perish.
  • A course that you listen and sit on and take zero action
  • A course that overwhelms and sends you into panic mode making you feel defeated before you start
  • A typical networking community that promotes themselves for no reason and is frankly annoying
  • Full of theoretical strategies that may or may not work for you and leave you still confused.
  • Going to leave you even more confused than when you started
  • Going to overwhelm you with tests, projects, and homework that no one in their right mind have time to do (we’re all busy and on the go bosses right?)


FiberBoss College digs deep into truly creating a  presence that is rooted in who you are as an artist and as a boss! Our mission is to teach you how to share your message, create an inspiring brand style, and network in a way that connects you one-on-one with your customers.  

It’s simply an MCN framework. It’s all about the Messaging, Creating, and Networking.  

There will be three main subjects inside the training because this is truly the foundation of getting your brand seen and noticed in the marketplace. This is some serious learning but also a lot of playing and creating. (I know your inner school nerd is totally geeking out right now! :-P)


This is the first and core subject to FiberBoss™ College. In this subject, you will learn how to find your true purpose behind your art and how to express that to your customers in a way that makes them want to be a part of your story too! You will learn the strategy behind mega brands and how you too can apply that to your brand story and message.


In this subject you will dive into the studio with your message and style to start creating inspirational art for your customers. You will learn tips and skills to create stunning marketing for your art and how to visually bring your brand together to create a lifestyle that is uniquely yours.


CONNECTION is the endgame in this subject. You will learn how to apply your story and visuals to various social media in an inspiring and magnetizing way. You will learn how to attract and connect with a community that truly “gets” your brand and “gets” you. These lessons will dive into each platform while also applying an amazing general foundation that can evolve as your customers and your business grow!

What are you waiting for? Come Join Us On Campus!

What’s Inside Your College Packet?

With your membership, you will become a part of the FiberBoss™ College Campus, which includes an exclusive student area where all your classes and extra credit will be held.

Every single month you will receive access to:

  • 3 video classes (1 from each subject) and corresponding resources and homework material.

  • A creative material bundle which includes 3-5 professional, industry specific stock photos that you can use in your business marketing.

  • Access to a private Facebook group JUST for students on campus

You’ll also have EXCLUSIVE access to:

  • The business resource library, where I add worksheets, checklists, book recommendations etc.

  • A “bookstore” where you can get additional school swag and products ONLY available to students

  • Extra Credit Bonuses

  • Live Lectures

  • Guest Lectures



For those of you who sign up in the month of April will receive the FiberART Photography Challenge bundle.

Which includes the photography challenge handbook, recording of all the videos, an editing video AND a behind the scenes of how I set up a IG shot, and more.


FiberBoss™ College is for any creative who is either just starting in their fiber business, is growing their business, or has been around and needs a reboot or fresh new start.

It’s for creatives that are serious in following their dreams and want to truly make an impact in the world through their art.

This isn’t for those who aren’t willing to work. As teachers, we give you the tools and the opportunities to grow and shine but ultimately it is up to you to do the work. The work is intentionally made to be small micro steps that build up momentum that brings clarity AND confidence to you and your business.

IF you are willing to work and push yourself out of your comfort zone a bit AND connect and support other students on the journey then you are a perfect fit for our campus. Remember: A rising tide lifts all boats.

Plans and Pricing

Tuition to join us on campus is intentionally decided upon to give you the easiest possible way to join and participate. My goal is to truly help as many students as I can shine and live their dreams to become an amazing FiberBoss™. Below are three paths that you can choose from to make the easiest commitment to your future. I can’t wait to see you on campus and get to know you and connect!

*Note: Tuition is paid the month prior to receiving their first class bundle. More information can be found int the FAQ*

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with FiberBoss College?

You can check out the nitty-gritty specifics here. But in a nutshell, you get ACCESS to an exclusive membership site where you will receive new training and creative material each month to help you grow and get seen in your fiber business. You also gain access to bonus materials and extras only available to FiberBoss Students. You do not “own” the content. You are subscribed to access to campus. If you are interested in FOREVER access please consider upgrading to the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

I've bought online courses before, why should I choose FiberBoss College?

Unlike most online business and marketing courses, FiberBoss College blends the education with the action taking in an easy, approachable, and doable course. This is the big picture, you don’t just get one subject, you get the whole foundation of what it takes to get noticed and paid for your fiber business. I understand we are all busy, (I am a busy mom too…) so I’ve created an entire learning framework that allows you to make micro progress that leads to great momentum without causing the major burnout.

Is Chelsea involved?

YES OF COURSE! I, Chelsea, will be the primary trainer for all classes and the primary designer and creator of all your material. There will be guest lecturers and the college is run by myself AND my team but you will have access to me every step of the way.

How do I know it will help?

To be completely honest only YOU can answer that question. Being a FiberBoss doesn’t happen overnight, despite what you’ve been taught in the past. It takes work. Sometimes the work is harder than others but it always takes work. Everyone is also different in how they learn and practice. I provide the container for you to work and achieve your own results AND I provide several ways for you to learn the material, but ultimately you are the only one who knows if YOU will allow it to work.

How/When will I be billed?

You will be billed according to the card information you sign up with. It is a recurring fee (unless you are on the lifetime plan which is a one-time payment) that will auto charge dependent on your plan unless you cancel the month prior.

You will be charged the same time every month/year and that is determined by your sign up date (the first time you purchase. If you purchase between the 28th – 31st, your recharge date will be the 27th.)

You will be charged the month prior to the month you will receive content. For example, If you pay by the 30th in April, you will start your subscription in May and then be charged by May 27th for June’s bundle. If you unsubscribe, the month after you cancel will be your last bundle you will receive access.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Of course, you can upgrade and downgrade. When you choose to upgrade, your membership will be transferred, and your new payment plan will start from that month forward. We will not prorate or refund months. If you choose to downgrade from yearly to monthly that can happen after your full year has been paid. (You cannot downgrade a lifetime membership because it is a one-time payment.)

Can I pay with paypal?

My sincerest apologies, but we do not accept PayPal as payment. We must have a card on file in order to properly manage accounts and payment plans for the subscription. (However, if you do want to pay for the lifetime membership with PayPal please contact me at Chelsea (at) fiberboss (dot) com)

Can I/How do I cancel my membership?

I’ll be honest, I’ll be very sad if you ever decide to leave, but I understand some must leave the nest. If that is the case you can indeed cancel your membership and you can do that inside the member portal by simply filling out a simple form. If you do cancel, your last bundle will be delivered the next month and then access will removed at the end of your last month. All content that you want to download is up to you to do prior to access being removed.

If you decide to join us again (yay happy day), you will not have access to the archives ONLY content delivered from re-sign up date unless you resubscribe with the Lifetime Membership.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of digital products and membership site access, we do not offer refunds, but do allow for easy cancelation.

Hey Love! I’m Chelsea and I’m a tad obsessed with yarn, photography, and business… ok, maybe doughnuts too.

But I do have over 10+ years of experience in business, social media marketing and photography and design. I’ve worked numerous newspapers, magazines, and even Disney. I even had a very successful business as a wedding photographer.

But now I’m ready to help you!

And it’s time to stop dreaming of a fiber business full of creative freedom and the ability to make art all day. Not because that’s impractical or unachievable, but because it’s time to make that dream a reality!

But there is NO reason to do it alone! I truly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and it’s time to rise! Let’s work and play and learn together to truly find out what makes YOU and YOUR BRAND unique. And then let’s create art that magnetizes people to you! That has them opening up their wallets.

Why? Because you are WORTH it! Your art is WORTH it! And the value the customer receives on the other end? Totally WORTH it!!! I’m here to help you every step of the way! You are NOT alone.

It’s time to CREATE. It’s time to TAKE ACTION. It’s time to be a FiberBOSS!

“Prior to taking Chelsea Fitch’s FiberBoss College, I was selling patterns but with no real consistency or method for tracking my business growth. Through the course, Chelsea got me to analyze my brand, which I’d slowly been changing but had not consciously looked at for a few years. The course gave me the tools and knowledge to revamp my brand and actually solidify it. I now know my why, who my ideal customer is, and the tools to make sure that I am growing and connecting with my audience. My sales have stabilized and grow at a healthy pace, and I am constantly trying out new techniques and honing the skills I learned in FiberBoss College to help it continue to grow.

FiberBoss has changed my business for the better. Now I create beautiful, practical, sustainable designs that I love, and can articulate that to my customers. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is feeling stuck in their business, whether you’re a start-up, a year in, or 5 years in and wondering just where those 5 years went. Chelsea is a marvelous coach, and if you’re like me, you’ll keep coming back to the FiberBoss world!

-Ash Alberg, @SunFlowerKnit


What are you waiting for? Come Join Us On Campus!